About Hutchinson-Mayrath

Hutchinson Solid growth through innovation and product line diversification!

On April 1, 1958, two local investors founded Hutchinson Manufacturing Inc. in Clay Center, Kansas. The original product line had originated in Hutchinson, Kansas and the Hutchinson name was branded and is utilized to this day. The original Hutchinson Manufacturing built a line of grain handling and related equipment. The line included utility augers, belt drive portable augers and a roller mill.

On February 1, 1968, Hutchinson was sold to Royal Industries, a small conglomerate that managed diversified companies. Royal Industries was later purchased by Lear Siegler in 1977, a larger corporation specializing in the management of diversified companies in many industries. In 1979, Royal Industries was fully merged into Lear Siegler. TIC United Corp. purchased Hutchinson from a holding company August 11, 1987 after Lear Siegler was officially dissolved. Then in May 2001 Hutchinson/Mayrath was purchased by GLOBAL INDUSTRIES INC. of Grand Island, Nebraska.

Over the years, Hutchinson has grown through innovation and is recognized as a leading supplier to the World of grain and material handling equipment. The diversified product line has experienced continual expansion to include:

  • Portable Conveyors
  • Grain Pump Loop System
  • Farm and Commercial Unloading Equipment
  • Utility and Feeder System Augers
  • Custom Tube and U-trough Augers
  • En-masse Conveyors
  • Belt Convyors

At Hutchinson, we continually strive to provide our valued customer base with a premier product line at a competitive price. We offer one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. The relationships with our customers go beyond a hand shake, and we are always proud to be “Complimented by Comparison.”

Video Testimonials

“No matter what division of Global you talk about, the quality, the materials, the engineering and the people we work with are second to none. They stay ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of new technologies, and the service and support we receive is the best in the industry.”

Tammy Baldauf, B&R Grain Handling LLC

“The products are good, but honestly I sell MFS because of the people, the relationship we’ve built over the years, and the way they do business.”

“Our repeat business is the best compliment that we can get. And MFS is a big part of that both for commercial and on-farm projects.”

John White, Allied Grain Systems (Australia)

“MFS has great customer service. Whenever I have an issue, I feel comfortable because they’re a family-owned company. You’re able to speak directly to the person responsible for whatever your need is.”

“Ultimately we like our partnership with MFS because our customer are satisfied with the bins and unloads we provide them. Much of our new business is from referrals, and that’s because we provide a great product and service to our current customers.”

Jim Hankey, ABC York

“MFS has their “Dare-To-Compare” program…   and so do we! We dare to compare with any of our competitors at any time. With MFS products we stack up very well against anybody else in the marketplace.”

“MFS has always stood behind their products and listen to us when we tell them what we need. And the strength and precision of their new bin roofs are simply amazing!”

Gayle Swisegood, Swisegood Construction

“I started in the industry by erecting bins. That experience gave me first-hand knowledge of all of the bin brands. So as we grew and started selling grain bins, MFS was the brand I wanted to partner and be associated with.”

“Quality is key. Knowing that you’re selling something that will still be there in 20 years and that the customers are going to be happy with it is critical. and I get a lot more business when I keep my customers happy. “

Chris Lautenschlager, CL Construction

“We’ve been with MFS and Global Industries since day one. Best products on the market!”

“Our builders tell us the MFS products go together really well and the products are always there on time. The durability and longevity they offer are exactly what my customers are looking for. “

Jimmy Tol, M&D Verhage Construction

“Whenever we erect an MFS silo, it is easy for us because they are correctly made. We know this because we see competitors… what they’re selling… they have problems in erecting things.”

“The Global companies listen to us. If there’s a problem we work together to find solutions or come up with something new.”

Hans Henrek, Almas Korn (Denmark)

“I get good support from my MFS rep on designing projects, and he works with us to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.”

Bill Thompson, Modern Grain Systems