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The unique and versatile In-Line auger features an internally mounted gearbox inside of an expanded, rolled-steel bell housing with access door.  Auger flighting is positioned to allow a high volume of unrestricted grain flow around the internal gearbox.  The intake design utilizes a cupped intake guard that offers high capacity with total cleanout operation.  A specially engineered hopoper bolts directly on top of the intake guard, further enhancing the auger’s capacity

  • Available in your choice of electric or PTO drive
  • PTO can be positioned to operate from either side of auger. A lockable carrier for transport is standard with PTO drives
  • Wide stance for added stability when towing or in raised position. Wheel hubs have tapered roller bearings for smooth, reliable transport
  • Trolley assembly steel rollers are used on a double angle-iron track for smooth operation
  • Available with manual winch lift or hydraulic cylinder lift (52’, 62’ 72’)
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In-Line Gearbox

In-Line gearbox connects to the upper and lower flighting in the middle of the grain flow. The outer tube is expanded to allow unobstructed and efficient flow of grain past the gear drive section, providing both economical and low maintenance operation.

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Unique Intake Design

The intake features a unique rolled bottom for enhanced feeding and ease of cleanout during operation. Shown with optional hopper and belting kit

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Optional Bolt-On Hopper

A specially engineered hopper quickly bolts directly on top of the intake guard for enhanced auger capacity

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Electric Motor Mount

An electric motor mount is available that mounts directly to the tube. The motor mount is adjustable to adapt to most farm-use motors. Belts and auger sheave are standard.


Swivel Arc Kits

Swivel Arc Kits

Swivel Arc Kit



Swivel Arc Axle kits allow movement of the conveyor from one bin to the next without changing the intake position. When filling a flat storage bunker, the conveyor can be moved along one side from one end to the other as required.




Swivel Arc Tractor



A separate Electric Drive Tractor kit is available for pushing the conveyor that is equipped with the Swivel Arc Axle kit. This greatly enhances the operation when numerous conveyor movements are required. This is furnished with a 1.5 HP electric motor that is coupled with a 240 to 1 reduction gearbox to allow slow, smooth movement.

Steel Caster Kits

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Steel Caster Kits

Designed to easily move augers back and forth from semi-stationary applications on hard or concrete ground. Eliminates the need for tractors or heavier machinery to move.

Bolt-On Hopper

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Bolt-On Hopper

In-line augers have bolt on hoppers or belting kits available