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Mass-ter Flow Drag Conveyor

Accessories that make Hutchinson the MASS-TER of material moving systems.
Mass-ter Mover® and Mass-ter Flow® accessories provide a complete loading and unloading system for storage structures. Bin unloading units normally incorporate multiple inlets with slide gates and sweep pivots where needed. The usual choices of drives and elbow combinations are available on the Mass-ter Mover® (Mass-ter Flow is […]

Hutchinson Commercial Grain Pump

Shot of Commercial System with hoppers and bins

Commercial Grain Pump in Flat Storage Structure
Hutchinson’s unique Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) paddle keeps grain flowing gently and evenly from inlet to discharge sourcePaddles spaced every 10.5” for less grain damage than traditional auger flighted conveying systemsVersatile […]

Hutchinson Grain Pumps

Installation of Grain Pump Loop with existing bins

10-Inch Vertical Double Run Grain Pump

Take Productivity To The Next Level

Grain Pump Double Run

Hutchinson’s stationary grain pumps can be used at angles from 60-degree.Lengths available in 5-foot increments

A flow-through inlet is conveniently located for overhead applications