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Trac Mass-ter

Two industry-preferred conveying systems combined to maximize efficiency and minimize wear.  A large diameter, low-speed screw in the hopper moves grain to the  inclined chain conveyor where Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) paddles quickly and gently carry the material from intake to discharge.  Ideal for situations where low horsepower, quite operation, gentle handling and longevity […]

Portable Mass-ter Mover

Hutchinson’s answer to en-masse conveying system, the revolutionary Mass-ter Mover provides top performance, long life, and reliability with minimum maintenance engineered into each component

Roll-Away Hopper

In-Line Augers

The unique and versatile In-Line auger features an internally mounted gearbox inside of an expanded, rolled-steel bell housing with access door.  Auger flighting is positioned to allow a high volume of unrestricted grain flow around the internal gearbox.  The intake design utilizes a cupped intake guard that offers high capacity with total cleanout operation.  A […]

Top Drive Augers

Swing-Away Augers