Project Description

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  • Durable powder-coated finish with main housing manufactured from a rugged galvanized finish for maximum durability.

  • Capacities up to 6,000 BPH (162TPH) depending on incline angle
  • 10” diameter galvanized main tube in 60’, 70’ or 85’ lengths
  • Heavy-duty 2-ply 15” Crescent Top PVS belting with chevron pattern and nylon slider back for long-lasting durability and gentle grain handling

  • Low energy consumption costs.Requires only half the horsepower of comparable length screw conveyors

  • Vulcanized drum drive with crosscut grooved pulleys
  • Belt Drive option recommended for reduced maintenance and noise

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Intake/Belt Design

Intake area designed to provide maximum system capacity. Belt gently transitioned from the flat position through exclusive formed intake into the tube, maximizing through capacity while gently moving the product. Intake design features a spring-loaded flexible hopper designed to offer a gentler cushion for all grains

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Adjustable Belt Discharge

All pulleys are wider than the belt (per CEMA recommendations). The position of the belt can be quickly and simply adjusted using the exclusive pulley angle adjustment (See inset photo). Controlling the best position on the pulley prevents possible edge damage that occurs on competitive products

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Choice of Drives

Choose either PTO or electric drive options, both of which are designed to provide smooth, consistent performance. A band-on support provides a convenient method to carry the PTO driveline during transport. All belts and pulleys on the electric drive model are fully enclosed for safe operation

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Automatic Belt Tensioner

Spring-loaded belt tensioners on the take-up pulley, along with 200 degrees of belt wrap on the lagged drive pulley allows use of lower belt tensions and reduces the chance of belt slippage. The tension indicator is visual and requires no measurments.