Project Description


wheel in corn

Wheel in Bin

Polyurethane treads break up compacted grain and dig down to floor to power through grain piles… even rice!!

Wheel in Bin

Wheel in Bin– Side Shot

8.5/1 reduction shortens distance to bin wall on newly designed sweeps. Aggressive tread design pulls grain away from wall into the sweep.

Sweep End Wheel Close Up1

Close Up

Self-lubricated and sealed for life. Retrofit kits available for most 8” and 10” sweeps. Installs in minutes!!

Exploded Wheel

Exploded Wheel

4-piece modular design allows for easy tread replacement without removing gearbox.

Customer Testimonial’s

“The sweep moves ahead on its own. We are able to operate the sweep without having a man in the bin. We’ve used it on corn and soybeans, and I would never put a sweep in unless it has the new Sweep End-Wheel. It’s saved us time and money when emptying our 60’ grain bins.”

– Cogdill Farms, Iowa

“You call it a Sweep End-Wheel… I call it a miracle!”

– Byrne Farms, Louisiana