Project Description

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Two industry-preferred conveying systems combined to maximize efficiency and minimize wear.  A large diameter, low-speed screw in the hopper moves grain to the  inclined chain conveyor where Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) paddles quickly and gently carry the material from intake to discharge.  Ideal for situations where low horsepower, quite operation, gentle handling and longevity are important, and can be used in either horizontal or incline applications on farms or in commercial operations.

  • Operate from the comfort of a tractor cab

  • Attaching to tractor is as quick as aligning and install three pins and hydraulic and PTO connections.Once attached front and rear, the conveyor moves with thetractor

  • Totally self-supporting undercarriage, even when not attached to tractor


  • Hydraulic adjustable spout

  • Hydraulic swivel spout

  • Enclosed intake hopper assembly

  • Adaptor kit for three-point hitch

  • AR linking available

Photo B

Hydraulic Lift Undercarriage

Easily and smoothly raise and lower using tractor’s hydraulics

Photo B

Optional Intake Hopper Assembgly

Used to fill flat storage facilities


Optional Hydraulic Adjustable Spout

Quickly vary the discharge point to facilitate truck load out